Corruption, Dungeon Elite Book 2


His hands and his commanding nature are all I want in this life I’ve chosen for myself. Everyone thinks they know what’s best for me. I’m a preacher’s daughter, but it doesn’t mean I’m innocent. But, there’s only one man I want, and he doesn’t do long term relationships. When another shows interest in me, he fights for me. I want nothing more than to be his submissive. I will always submit to him because it’s Maddox—the only man I’ve ever wanted.


She’s a preacher’s daughter and innocent in every way that matters. When I take the very last of her innocence, I let her go because I don’t commit. But, she’s embedded herself into my heart, and I can’t let her go. When another threatens to take her from me, I do anything and everything in my power to make her mine. My heart was frozen solid until I met her—loving her has changed me because she’ll always be the exception to all my rules.



He pulls my hair from my face, and I attempt to open my eyes. He’s in front of me; his hand on one strand of my hair that he pulls behind my ear. In his expression is the sorrowful countenance. His lips are downturned, but his eyes gaze at my own. “Fuck, I don’t think it’s broken, but—”

I cut him off because I couldn’t care less about my face right now. “Why were you looking for me, Maddox?” I ask, and it’s the first time I call him by his name, and not sir or master.

“Precious, let me look at this first.”

I pull back and wince at the pain as his arm falls from my face. “No, you were so anxious to get to me, so tell me why you were looking for me. And while you’re at it, why don’t you tell me why you’d come out and watch us tonight of all nights?”

I’m never this mouthy. I’ve been taught to respect authority, and I’m not sure why I’m letting it out on him right now of all days. Actually, it doesn’t take a PhD in psychology to figure it out. My father is ruling my life. I found someone worth giving everything to, and he rejects me, only to interrupt what could be a decent man in my life. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

“Are you sure you are a submissive?” he asks with an arrogant smirk on his face.

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