Temptation, Dungeon Elite Book 1

I’ve never been loved. Growing up with a drunk father taught me to trust no one. When a man offers me a way to achieve my freedom, I’m put to the test. He thinks he’ll win when all I see is a man who wants to strip me of my freedom. I’ll play his game, because in the end, I’ll be the victor.
No man will ever have full control over me again.

I’ve never loved another. I own them, I play with them, and I let them go. Until I meet Eve, and I see more behind her eyes. She needs to be owned and dominated. I can’t promise her love, but she has me rethinking everything I’ve ever known. She thinks she’ll win our little bet, but she’ll learn.
I always get what I want.



As I take a sip of my smooth whiskey, something catches my attention on the desk and I’m reminded of the reason for this meeting. “Fuck, I forgot, you’re here for me to chastise.” I toss him the application and wait for his explanation.

The look on his face tells me I won’t like it when he turns his gaze from me, rubbing his chin. “Ah, shit. Yeah, I forgot to talk to you about this. You know my new sub? Well, she came to me, begging me to help her friend. They both got laid off from where Kira has been working for the past couple of years. I hated her working there, but she wasn’t collared to me. But as soon as she became mine, I put her up in my penthouse on Michigan Avenue, and I moved to my home on Orchard Street. You know me.”

I know my best friend. His subs are at his beck and call—they fuck—but Jared does not do commitment. “Thanks for the history lesson as if I haven’t fucking known you my whole life. So, this…” I look at the application. “Evelyn Lipton, how is she my fucking concern?”

“Kira has a bleeding heart. I’d been trying to get her to commit to this for a year. She’d played with me, but she’s the best sub. I guess I gave her friend a job as a gift, a thank you for accepting my collar.”

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