Color Blind, Fans of Football Book One

A bond. A connection. Our difference in color didn’t matter; we were made for each other. A love so strong nothing could come between us—until someone did. Faced with an ultimatum, I made the only decision I could but it was never about skin color, for me. Saying good-bye to him left me in pieces, never to be the same without him.
Now, many years later, I am face to face with the man no one could ever compare to. The feelings I’ve pushed aside for him threaten to boil over. I must fight them. I can’t go back. I need to protect my family, myself.

Here I am, face to face with the one that got away, the one that abandoned me, the one no other woman could measure up to. I still need to know why she left. Did she leave me for her family money? Was it my skin color? She left by choice, leaving me broken. I’ve never been the same without her.
But now that she’s in front of me, I can’t let her get away again. My slightest touch leaves her covered in goose bumps. Liz is using everything she has not to give in. I hope she will. I need her to be mine, to once again be my Buttercup.


We’re unable to break the contact we have on one another when his hand departs my nipples and I’m left with a void. Instead, they are back at my chin. It’s now I see his lips tremble, as though speaking will ruin this whole mirage. Do I want this so badly, like water in the desert? Before I can fuss at him, he gently says, “Liz, I want you. I need you.”

It’s my turn to say something but I can’t. I simply stare in his eyes, and I see fear, like I may leave or disappear on him. With his body tense, I wiggle my way from underneath him. A smile forms on his face when I drop my skirt, shimmy out of my panties, remove my camisole, and unclasp my bra. I’m serving myself up to him, painstakingly vulnerable and within Iz’s greedy stare I also know his intention—of swallowing me whole.

His eyes stray from my face as my hands touch his cheeks, cupping his five o’clock shadow, bringing his lips to mine. “Me, too, Iz. Me, too.”

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