Forgiven, The Power of Three Love Series, Book Four

My ex-husband kept a secret from me, when we were married. It was the worst betrayal. Now, after three years, of picking up my life, I’ve found a new man, one who had claimed my heart. He held the same secret, but in his honesty, I can move on with him, the only problem, I’ve never stopped loving my ex-husband.

I lied to my wife for years, never being true to myself. I still loved her, but without her trust, we couldn’t build a future together. It’s why she was my ex-wife, and my heart was broken when she began to fall for another man. A man I, too, find myself falling for, as I continued to love her from afar.

My life was a wreck until I pieced it back together little by little. When the captivating Clara entered my life, I fell and fell hard. A secret had damaged her. I won’t hurt her, but is that possible—when I was as attracted to her ex-husband as I was to her?



My ex-husband was close, in the threshold of my door, if not in my room. We were blurring lines by the second, so what was one more transgression, right?

I was covered by a thin sheet, but I was braless and horny as hell. And with Jack leaving me needy and the attraction I still felt for Bodhi, I sat up in bed. I’d never cross that line. I had enough self-restraint, but, fuck, I missed the man in my room.

“Morning, Bo.” If the sheet wasn’t covering my double Ds, he’d be able to see my nipples hardening by the second.

“What’s your next book about?” Bodhi had spent countless hours listening to every idea, and whenever I’d get stuck, he’d talk the book out with me, sometimes giving me the missing piece that was holding me up. I missed those times with him.

“It’s good. I’m writing a real asshole this time.”

He shook his head, never understanding the draw women had to the asshole heroes in my stories. “I still don’t get it, but then again, what do I know since I’m one of those asshole men.”

I laughed at his statement. Did we fight because he could be an overbearing grade A asshole? All the time, but it was mostly in his alpha tendencies when it came to keeping me safe. He never liked me on the streets of Chicago at night. He was jealous of men’s wandering eyes when it came to me and would become a bit more possessive, holding me tight with a big grin at whoever was looking me up and down. He used to introduce himself as the man who won the wife lottery, claiming me as his biggest prize ever. It was always so sweet and yet sometimes, exceedingly frustrating.

When the door opened and the footsteps of Jack ascended on us, he peeked his head through the entrance of the bedroom, Bodhi still close to the doorway. “Hey, guys, don’t you two look cozy?” he asked, garnering laughs from the both of us. From anyone else in the same situation, you’d hear the sarcasm and jealousy ooze from his mouth. But not Jack and not with us.

“Yeah, baby, we are.” My boyfriend, who wanted both me and my ex, walked in with a basket of something, the aroma making me smile, reminding me I was hungry but I was hungry for more than just food.

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