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A one-night stand is supposed to be just that, one night.

But the sexy man with no name resurfaces in my life unexpectedly and needs me to help him win a court case that threatens his future. The only catch? He also wants me in his bed again.

He’s assertive, persistent, and irresistible. But when his true desires are revealed to me, I run.

Can I really be what Luca De Santos wants me to be without losing myself in the process? Am I able to walk away from everything that we could be together? How can I say no to fate?


I’ve never wanted another woman like I want Anisten Atkins.

She’s not who I typically gravitate toward. She’s strong-willed and determined—the complete opposite of submissive—and yet my body yearns for her like no other.

I’m Luciano De Santos and no one says no to me. But it seems, I’ve found the one person willing to try.

Can she learn to accept the man I am and the sort of relationship that I need? The answer has to be yes because I will give anything and everything to make her realize she belongs to me. And when someone threatens to take her away, I’ll fight for us. I’ll never let anyone take what’s mine. And Anisten Atkins is mine.

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