Forbidden With Me (With Me In Seattle Universe)

Wells Shanahan
I was a simple rookie cop in Seattle when I was both shattered and transformed by a horrific massacre. I was fighting for justice for a young girl who’s family was murdered before her eyes.

Years later, my world is turned upside down when a series of similar murders begin to haunt the Seattle area again.

Malia Strickland’s return in the midst of these crimes propels us right back into one another’s lives. She is no longer a little girl, but every bit a woman. I was her hero back then. Now I have the chance to be so much more.

My life never made sense but has purpose and meaning with Malia in it.

Malia Strickland deserves justice and the future that had been stolen from her so long ago. I’ve made it my mission to give her both, even if it means sacrificing myself.

Malia Strickland
My life was altered, in a span of minutes when my family was brutally taken from me. I only escaped with my life, because my hero pulled me from the horrific scene.

I spent eleven years away from the one place I loved so much. Now, it’s finally time for me to come back and face the demons that have haunted me. Going home not only resurfaces memories I’d rather forget, but it seems to trigger a whole new string of murders just like the ones that took my family from me.

More than ever, I need Wells Shanahan to save me from the past and what’s to come.

Wells has always been more than a hero to me. He’s my savior, my future, my everything. Can I convince him, that our forbidden love is worth fighting for?


My eyes fall on Jules who happens to be on the front steps of the walkway, which leads to the front door no one uses. “Who’s with Jules?” 

The license plates are marked Oregon, and Jules is comforting a virtual stranger. Understanding crosses my mind, and I jump from Matt’s BMW, closing the space between the scared little girl who’s never left my thoughts from so long ago.

Jules’s eyes reach mine, and with a little nod, she affirms its who I think it is. I’ve not caught sight of the face that fills my dreams, but her position, and the way she’s cradled by Matt’s sister, tells me her breakdown has just begun.

I lower my tone to less than a whisper. “Jules, let’s take her inside.”

“Yeah, but through the basement. She doesn’t need a crowd.” I agree as Matt gathers near us. It may be the three of us, but if the rest of the Montgomerys join us, I’m afraid Malia’s anxiety attack will worsen. 

I waste no time. “Hey, go unlock the basement door,” I instruct, and Matt understands what we’re attempting to do. 

Jules raises her voice a tad to be heard over the wracking sobs that fill the night air. “Honey, we’re taking you inside through the basement, okay?” 

Malia attempts to stand, but I don’t give her a chance. I scoop up her small body into my arms just as I had so long ago. “I got you, sweetie.” It’s then, in her understanding—maybe a nudge in her memory—her dark chocolate eyes and raven hair—I see the same little girl from so long ago. Her silent pleas are what has me wanting to cradle her in my arms. She shifts against me, and I realize she’s not a girl anymore. Her breasts push up next to the thin fabric of my simple V-neck T-shirt I wore to work this morning. Her stomach is exposed, a crop top giving way to her flat stomach, and as I have my hands on her legs, the small ass booty shorts give a little glimpse of her bright purple panties.

She’s light and limp in my grip, and I’m holding her so tight as though she may evaporate. She had fit in my arms as a girl, and as a woman, she fits even better. Ah, fuck, what am I thinking? All the while, she turns her face and buries it in my shoulder as I’d instructed on the fateful day. 

I follow Jules into the Montgomery basement, and when she instructs me to place her on the couch, I sit, cradling Malia’s small body.

Jules’s voice lowers. “This is not exactly what I had in mind.” Malia’s fingers hold on tight to my simple T-shirt, and I take this as a sign she needs me to continue holding her as much as I need her in my arms. 

“I don’t think she’s letting go, Jules,” I answer, but even if she hadn’t been clinging to me as her lifeline, I’d still keep this position as long as she requires it.

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